Media Credits

Veel foto’s die je op deze website ziet, heb ik gevonden op sites met gratis beschikbare foto’s.

De fotografen vragen om vermeld te worden, wat ik natuurlijk graag doe.

Photo Milton H. Erickson: by Kool TV
Photo Korzybski by Kinar at pl.wikipedia
Photo Man and child by WarmSleepy
Several photos by Ryan McGuire
Photo collonade by Hartmut Tobies
Photo desert travellers by Luca Zanon
Photo happy guy foto door Marco Salas
Photo grand central station door Nicolai Berntsen
Photo subway by Israel Sundseth
Photo unspecified by Ondrej Supitar
Photo accordionist by Lex Aliviado
Photo handstand by Paula Borowska
Photo Indian street by Edan Cohen
Photo seagull by Tarpit Grover
Photo horse with grass by Bara Cross
Photo purple flower door Brittni Greenberg
Photo subway by Will Stewart
Photo computer worker by Startup Stock Photos
Photo castle road by Sarah Crutchfield
Photo girl and owl by David Olkarny
Photo hitchhiker by Atlas Green
Photo guy in front of blue wall by Aundre Larrow
Photo girl on parking lot by Blake Bronstad
Photo seagulls flying by Oliver Berghold
Photo ferris wheeel by Ilya
Photo mugs by Andre Freety
Photo girl in woods by Doug Robichaud
Photo eagle by Jamie King
Photo scooter by Chalffy Chan
Photo girl with swaord by Sean Brown
Photo tram by Gabriel Marengo
Several photos from
Photo salad by Lukasz Szmigel
Photo cat by Lukasz Szmigel
Photo lock R’dam by Skitter Photo
Photo dice by Skitter Photo
Photo coffee by Jeffery Betts
Photo suit by Olu Eletu
Photo cups by Albert Melu
Photo blueberries by Jeremy Ricketts
Several photo’s by Leeroy Advertising of Montreal
Photo girl with IPhone by Jan Vasec
Photo man in meadow by Pedero Perez
Photo interesting book by Verbaska
Photo Fred by BBoomerinDenial
Photo surprised boy by Type X Mick
Photo guy orange background by Pedro Perez
Photo black man by BBoomerinDenial
Photo old men by Alvin Mann
Photo colored hands by Joeys Photo’s
Photo leaves by Pippala
Photo flower by Rosevita
Photo plants by ND Petit
Photo peppers by Percy Pants
Photo three dogs by Mszu
Photo animal skull by Tinabel
Photo angels sculpture by Eduardo Ruiz
Photo champagne bottle by Fre Sonneveld
Photo guy with beard by Aundre Larrow
Photo cacti in white bowl by Blake Bronota
Photo people under airco by Aundre Larrow
Photo cute dog by Paul Filitchkiu
Photo macarons by Zoe Magee
Photo tent at sea side by Zak Zahar
Photo girl with vinyl records by Aundre Larrow
Photo pine cone by Alexis Arnold
Photo pencils by Paduraicu Alexandr
Photo old books by Leroy
Photo woman on bench by Mikail Kristianson
Photo girl thinking by Todd Downs
Photo girl with cell phone by Jan Vasek
Photo tulips by Jeffrey Betts
Photo oranges by Daria Nepriakhina
Photo casual pink jacket by Ed Gregory

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